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Iberia Industry Capital Group

is an experienced industrial holding firm focused on acquiring businesses in special situations, such as distressed companies, corporate divestitures and complex carve outs. Our core competency is in supporting and instilling an entrepreneurial spirit into our portfolio companies and driving them to exceptional performance .

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We look for companies that have not achieved their full potential in the past due to factors that have limited their growth, such as constraints mandated by the parent company. Our targets are generally from traditional production and service companies that have marginal EBITDA or loss making performance and where we identify levers to transform the business .

We have a successful track record due to our absolute focus on solid strategic planning, hands-on implementation and performance monitoring. Our focus on sustainable turnarounds is underpinned by long-term investments, which ensures successful results for all parties including our employees, suppliers and seller partners.

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IIC strives to be the best partner for sellers, providing assurance that the divested businesses will be in trusted hands and managed by a highly experienced team with profound understanding of leading and growing companies during periods of significant change.